Are you still using an old-fashioned 3D TV? Get with the times, grandad, flexible displays are the new thing in town.

LG have created the first flexible display that rolls up like a poster for your wall, and is more than likely what we can expect all our TVs to look like in the future. We will of course be watching them on jetpacks, which we're also still waiting for, science. Hurry up with that. 

Anyway, this comes to us via the folks at Gizmodo, who spotted the video of the amazing new technology and make the excellent point that whoever is bending that needs to be really, really careful, that might be the only one in existence. Although the video is short, you still get a look at just how flexible the display is, and a glimpse into the future.

Imagine how difficult it is going to be to explain to our grandchildren that TVs used to big, clunky, heavy things that you couldn't even lift, let alone roll up and swat flies with. While the technology might not be available just yet, the plan is that displays will be both transparent and flexible by 2017, according to OLED info, who add that the Korean government is backing LG's project to make them up to 60". They envision a pretty profitable market for them too, with it being estimated the flexi-screen business will earn up to $77 billion annually by 2025.

Via Gizmodo and OLED info