Jeff Goldblum has starred in some iconic films down through the years has one of the most varied CVs in Hollywood.

Jurassic Park, Independence Day, David Cronenberg's The Fly, Portlandia, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou - he even turned up for a season or two in Law & Order, as well.

However, Goldblum's supplemented his income by starring in a range of TV advertisements down through the years. Thanks to his irreverent nature, they've all been pretty weird and hilarious. His most recent Superbowl advertisement features him scaling a high-rise apartment block whilst playing a piano and stopping off to talk to George Washington and Lil' Wayne.

No, really.

As well as this, Goldblum also did a pretty amazing advertisement for an app-controlled lightbulb that was directed by offbeat comedy duo Tim & Eric that, well, just look.

However, we think his crowning achievement is that time he turned up in an ad for the National Lottery with Neil Delamere. The spot, directed by Rory Bresnihan for Brown Bag Films, shows Dr. Ian Malcolm / David Levinson meeting a trio of CGI-animated aliens who sound like they're from Offaly and taking them on a guided tour of Hollywood.

Pre-recession Ireland was a glorious place, filled with endless possibilities and offbeat actors turning up in telly ads for lotteries. What a time to be alive.


Via YouTube