What happens to a burger from a fast food joint after 30 days? The answer is...well most of them go all mouldy and look pretty nasty, essentially, but what's even more worrying is that some of them don't.

Right, we'll start by stating the obvious: leaving a burger in a jar for 30 days is a bit strange and it's hard to make any sort of judgement on that basis alone. It's hardly a groundbreaking scientific experiment. However, it does show the way that fast food burgers age, and highlights the use of preservatives in the food, as well as making you question exactly what you're eating.

So, the folks at BuzzFeed decided to take seven burgers from seven different fast food places and lob them in a jar for 30 days, just to see what they would look like at the end.

We're more disturbed by the ones that looked like they did the day they were made.