We're not saying this is a giant crock of sh...

It's just that we're pretty cynical when it comes to all things space. Forget about UFO's and aliens, we're still not convinced the moon landing even happened, so you'll have to forgive our skepticism.

Anyway, the conspiracy theory supposedly goes like this. There was a secret mission back in the late 60's or early 70's which had the codename Project Redsun, which supposedly ended with humans actually landing on the plant Mars.

Of course there's been no actual evidence to prove this, apart from this horribly grainy footage that looks like it was shot on a Nokia 6610. It's 'leaked' NASA footage, and the conspiracy theorists think that the US government have kept it hidden from the world, as they're keeping their contact with aliens a secret.


Anyway, here's the footage, make of it what you will.

Via Metro