Leah Remini has dared the Church of Scientology to sue her instead of just labelling her a liar. 

Remini has released a TV show this year about her experiences in, and breaking out of, the Church called Scientology and the Aftermath. Ever since the show was announced, Remini was subjected to immense scrutiny from the organisation and has face threats of legal action. 

The Church has labelled Remini's documentary series as a mere publicity stunt and that "she is just in it for the money."

In an interview with Larry King, Remini has called on the Church to just go ahead and sue her instead of constantly threatening it. 

“They’re a litigious group — so if that were true, they would simply sue us and I welcome them to do that,” she said.

“What I’m not going to stand for is an organization with this kind of money to continue to do things like that, and to bully people, and to harass people, to defraud people out of their lives, their money, but more importantly their families, and I’m just not going to sit around and watch it happen.”

Remini has been an outspoken critic of the Church since she left in 2013. Last month she opened up about the pressure she was put under to Church officials and even Tom Cruise to further the get a 60 Minutes expose on Scientology cancelled. 

Via Uproxx