Having previously parodied the US presidential candidate’s wife by reiterating her speech at the Republican National Conference (the one that allegedly copied parts of a previous speech made by Michelle Obama), Broadway star Laura Benanti does a second brilliant impersonation.

As with her previous appearance as Melania Trump, Benanti appeared in the guise opposite Stephen Colbert, for his late night talk show.

The interview takes place the day after Mrs Trump IRL gave a pair of interviews to CNN and Fox News, most of it in reaction to Trump’s recent ‘grabbing’ comments. During her real interviews, Melania Trump said she accepted Donald Trump’s apology about his graphic comments and believes he was ‘egged on’.

When explaining her ‘husband’s’ ‘locker room talk’, the Melania Trump impersonator insists ‘I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag about grabbing women by the Billy Bush.’

She ends it with ‘accidentally’ endorsing Hillary Clinton: ‘[All men are] animals. If only a woman could be president.’

Check it out: