Lance Armstrong is no stranger to using substances to help his athletic performance, but after this video, we can probably safely assume that beer was not one of them. 

If you're not familiar with what exactly the 'Beer Mile' is, then it's easily explained. You need to run a mile on an athletic track which consists of four laps. Not too bad, we hear you say, but after every lap you have to stop, chug an entire beer, and then go again. That makes lap three a pretty hard stretch, we're sure, having never actually tried this ourselves for health and safety reasons. 

The Yellow Jacket Stadium in Austin, Texas will be home to the world championships in December, and a new champion of the Beer Mile will be crowned, but we think that it probably won't be Lance Armstrong. Recently, he turned up to give it a go in the run up to the big event, and after one lap decided that he'd had enough and it was "not what I expected". 

As it turns out, he just can't drink like a mother of six, but then again very few can. 


Via Bleacher Report