Once again, can just state for the record how upsetting it is that a ridealong with Gaga singing and dancing to 'Bad Romance' gets wasted on James Corden of all people. He doesn't even know the words to the song and that is criminal.

Gaga took to her spot in Corden's car for 'Carpool Karaoke' like a duck to (shark-infested) water and sang and danced along to "Perfect Illusion", "Bad Romance" and then Gaga took advantage of her newly minted driver's license and had a go behind the wheel of Corden's car (and that's where things really got a bit dangerous). Part of us wishes she'd totaled the car, just because it's something she could do and get away with.

"Poker Face" and "Born this Way" also made appearances, as did some of Gaga's famous looks of yore, of course modeled by Corden (because there's nothing he won't try and ruin for the rest of us).

You can watch all 15 glorious minutes of Gaga being Gaga below.