Poor ‘ol Labrinth was left a little red-faced on Saturday night when he tried to crowd surf at the University of Kent summer ball. The take off was fine, but instead of floating atop a sea of the 4,000 students in attendance, they just let him crash land on the concrete floor of the campus car park. In fairness he did keep singing and eventually made his way back to the stage, but still he must be a little bit embarrassed.

Here’s a clip of the Labrinth fail:

Nasser Naoum, a 19 year old student gives an eye witness account:

"He kept asking everyone to put their hands up in the air, but none of us knew it was actually because he expected us to catch him - we just thought it was for dancing purposes.

"Then all of a sudden he shouts out ’Labrinth, come in!’ and does a superman-like dive onto the crowd, who all backed out from catching him.

"Then, like dominos, at least 50 people fell down one after the other.

"I saw girls looking up from the floor in pain. But I don’t think anyone was too badly injured."

You’re right there Nasser - the university confirmed that no one was seriously injured.