He's been having a rough time of late, most of it (if not entirely) all of his own making, so Shia has obviously opted to get out of LA for a bit - you know - what with him retiring from all public life. Instead, he's in London, getting rat arsed and starting bar brawls in the Hobgoblin pub (again). Same sh*t, different location.

In video one obtained by TMZ, you can observe Shia in a white baseball cap roaring "WHADIDYOUJUSSAY?" repeatedly at what appears to be Morrissey with a shaved head, before headbutting him like a lovelorn ram. To be fair, the incident may have gone unnoticed had it not been for a gaggle of girls around him squawking "SHIIIAAA, NOOO!" For those who care, Shia had beef with yer man because he said something about his girlfriend's mother. Which probably never happened; Shia's a liddle intoshxicaaay-hed in the vinneo. But not quite as bad as he is in the second video...

And cue drunken apologies with strangers who aren't quite as drunk, and can therefore video said apology on their phone without him noticing. He's just a "super normal guy", you know, just trying to defend his girl because some stranger who probably never met her mawm said something or other about her *hics* I dunnozzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

Shia, we don't blame you for attempting to retire from all public life if it means you can't get butchered in the Hobgoblin and quietly try headbutting some stranger without it becoming 'news'. Might be best to retire yourself from all public bars, too. And any private bar cabinets, minibars, liquor stores, or other.

You can read more details regarding Shia's litany of bar brawls here.