And just when you thought Kim's ring couldn't look more humongous, she goes and posts a photo of North cradling her bauble on Instagram on New Year's Eve. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say Kim was merely trying to highlight two major events that occurred during 2013 - as opposed to highlighting that her ample engagement ring could pin a small child to the floor.

Now, on to the video. Yak bags at the ready? Good. This here pre-watershed Kimye Sutra montage (including an inordinate amount of ring shots towards the end, after the klassy proposal footage) is the lone video on the YouTube Channel Kim West. Let the build up to the most tasteful wedding of the year commence...

Kim linked to the masterpiece via Twitter so one can only assume she condones/was instrumental in its creation. The video - which needs to be over five minutes long, such is their love - sees Kanye explain his attraction to Kim by pointing out that she doesn't want him for his money. In addition to that, he likes her as much as his Mom. He also states that she's "talented at being beautiful." Only Kim would find that statement complimentary.

Feel free to engage your complimentary yak bag at any point throughout the video.