Kim Kardashian was on The Ellen Show today to give us sustenance for our gossip-loving selves.

The reality star talked about how her fourth anniversary with hubby Kanye West is coming up and that they’re planning on taking a trip together for it. “I think it would be good to take one with just the two of us,” she explains. “A house full of three kids is wild, like, I can’t even explain it.”

The Kardashian clan member also spoke of how she’s hoping Kanye will take her hint of doing a swap for the occasion, given his birthday arrives at the same time: “His birthday is the next week, so I feel like he should do anniversary, I’ll do his birthday.” She and host Ellen also joked about the rapper’s return to Twitter.


Ellen also asked Kim about the cheating accusations against her sister Khloe’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson. “I don’t even know how to describe it besides it’s so f***ed up,” Kim answered.

Upon being asked if the couple are trying to work it out, Kim answered that Khloe is focussed on her baby and will "figure out what her next steps are" later.