WARNING: This will put your right off your porridge. It's not just the fact that Kris Jenner was there watching, or that any grinding/twerking was taking place at all, it's just Khloe's technique is all wrong. She's more concerned with furiously flicking her hair, while bobbing around like a particularly enthused Jack-n-the-box. Take some advice from Miley - get the hair cut, it's distracting you from the very important matter at hand - getting yourself talked about by the staff at TMZ.

Indeed, Khloe's twerking is not the highlight here, rather the people who gather around Don Harvey for their daily catch ups. Today's topic being "Do friends grind each other in clubs." Tell you what, they've hired some pretty classy ladies to work in TMZ HQ...

Brace yourselves for mildly disturbing banter involving "Moms in clubs", "young meat', "pipe" and various other items that shouldn't see the light of day.

I know, wasn't it a bit like one of the weirder episodes of The Inbetweeners?

If you're unable to see the video (there may be some issues with mobile devices), here's the original story via TMZ