Kevin Hart has posted a video to his Instagram page admitting that he made a 'bad error in judgement' that led to someone attempting to extort him.

The actor and comedian, who is father of two children from his first marriage and currently expecting a child with his second wife Eniko Parrish, captioned the video: "Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be ...I love you all."

During the brief clip, he said that he had decided to 'fess up' rather than have someone make 'financial gain' from his mistakes.

"I’m not perfect," he says. "I’m not gonna sit up here and claim that I am in any shape or form, and I made a bad error in judgement. In doing that, I know I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologised to, them being my wife and my kids, and you know, it’s a shitty moment.”

Although he does not reveal exactly what the extortion attempt related to, TMZ claim that it was a 'sexually suggestive video'.

Watch Hart's apology below: