This is just the worst. Ke$ha proves that she will do just about anything to try and remain relevant/famous, this time by peeing in a bottle and drinking it, all on camera for her new MTV show My Crazy Beautiful Life. Maybe rename that My Sick And Gross Cries For Attention, Ke$ha.

In case you want some background or just can't stomach actually watching, which you probably shouldn't, here's what happens. Ke$ha and friends are in a car and K's pal Savannah is talking about how her mother hikes with a person who drinks their own pee everyday, and Ke$ha pipes up 'Isn't it good for you? I'll drink my own pee' and befoer we know it proceeds to pee in a bottle off camera but not off-mic. Then, holding a cut open top bottle of what very much looks like urine, she smells it and takes a swig, before gagging and freaking out everyone in the car.

How this girl has friends who put up with this shit is anyone's guess.

Now we don't see her peeing in the actual bottle (not that we want to, but for the sake of clarity) so it could be a total PR setup but still, this will probably make you vomit so discretion is seriously, seriously advised.