Gabriel Nderitu has a degree in Phyiscs and decided to put some of that book-learnin' what he did at school to practice in the real world by building his own plane.

As you do, he decided that the best place to show off his plane for the first time would be on live TV, so that the media would be able to capture his moment of triumph on film for posterity. 

Things did not quite go to plan as you can see in the video below, where the craft approaches a wooden ramp designed to give it a little boost and get it off the ground, before nose diving and falling to pieces. So close...

Thankfully, no one was injured, not even Nderitu himself, as he was controlling the craft remotely, which is probably the wisest decision we can identify in this whole thing so far.

This is not his first time at the rode either, as with another failed attempt this time around, Gabriel has crashed 13 planes in total. However, he's not going to give up hope, as he plans on pulling the wreckage together to rebuild the plane again (it sustained heavy damage in this experiment), and he is going "to ask the Ministry of Roads and Infrastructure to let him use one of the country’s airstrips to improve the chances of take-off". 

That's the spirit, Gabe. 

Via BroBible