Once again the NFL has been rocked by a scandal this week in the aftermath of the news that a warrant was issued for Adrian Peterson's arrest. 

Undoubtedly the biggest star on the Minnesota Vikings, running back Adrian Peterson had a warrant issued for his arrest on Friday in relation to an incident where he hit his child with a switch. While he reportedly cooperated fully with the authorities, details began to emerge of a further incident with another of his children dating back over a year and the sponsors began to move to distance themselves from him and the team as more came to light over the weekend and the days since. 

However, both his team and the NFL had once again failed to act to suspend him while the controversy ramped up in the vacuum left by this inaction, and Keith Olbermann delivered a powerful monologue last night as to why this was wrong, and why Peterson needed to be suspended for the upcoming games this weekend, at the very least. If you're unfamiliar with the topic or want to catch up on the latest, this serves as a good overview, but it also highlights the fact that the start of this NFL season has been overshadowed by two huge abuse scandals. 

Earlier this morning, his team banned him from their facilities, while a statement from the player's association said that he was on voluntary leave with pay.