And she'd be right. A tear did spring to the eye after watching Angelina's acceptance speech (she won best villain at the Nickelodeon People's Choice Awards over the weekend), which Justin Timberlake may or may not have siphoned material from.

Katie, who also attended the awards with her daughter Suri, said to Entertainment Tonight: "I'm such a fan of Angelina, I think she's incredible in all aspects of her life. I think she's just an inspiration. And her speech just, you know, topped it off."

Brave words from a brave woman - especially as she's due to be a mother to no less than 6 teenagers at some point in the near future. YIKES.

So, why was Katie Holmes talking about Angelina Jolie? She has a new film out called Woman In Gold. That's also the reason why she's looking pretty bleedin' amazing in a cutaway Zac Posen dress.