It's been a hell of a week for US comedian Kathy Griffin. 

Following the release of photo shoot images that showcased her holding a severed and bloodied head that resembled US President Donald Trump, she received a huge backlash from people on both sides of the political divide. Chelsea Clinton and Griffin's long time friend Anderson Cooper both condemned the shoot. 

On top of the online abuse, Griffin has also had to contend with the Trump family who she alleges are bullying her. 

Griffin posted a video apology in the aftermath of the Twitter storm that followed the shoot.

However she has said since then that the entire Trump family have tried to "ruin my life forever." She held a press conference today at her lawyer's offices to address the controversial photo shoot and the fallout. 

"I'm not afraid of Donald Trump. He's a bully," Griffin said. "I've dealt with older white guys trying to get my down my whole career."

Griffin went on to claim that this was a "woman thing" and that the Trump's would not be out to get her in the same way were she a male comic.

Via Mashable