What makes this even more random is that Julianne Hough took the video. Indeed Cara Delevingne is friends with everyone, and is it any wonder considering how much fun everyone seems to be having in her company.

Presumably we're only cottoning on to this now because America was mostly asleep/hungover/pucking the heads off each other in a Walgreens since the wee hours of Thursday. Even still, it's surprising this didn't go viral first thing Friday morning given the level of dance moves, crotch thrusting, wine brandishing, the fact Hudson is in a transparent nightie, and general revelry on display. Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson should really consider making this their official video for Uptown Funk.

We've no idea who's house it is, but given Kurt's there, we reckon it's some Russell/Hawn/Hudson retreat. Either way, next year, we'd chew on our own eyeballs for an invite. We can dream.