Star of Love & Friendship, Pearl Harbour and The Aviator Kate Beckinsale may not be quite so delicate as she appears in her movies.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Myers, Myers produced pictures that had been sent to him of her ‘artwork’ (there were in fact 30 pictures altogether), namely penises (with balls in tact) made from different fruits and vegetables.

Kate says how she would leave such penises outside actor Jim Sturgess’ (her co-star in 2014’s Stoneheart Asylum) hotel door. One of the fruit penises made Seth Myers feel ‘sad.’

Kate also explains that the penis has become her ‘bat sign’, defending that she had three brothers growing up so it seemed very normal to her. One day she was doodling a penis on what she later found out was her daughter’s homework, which she got her in trouble for.

Kate Beckinsale has also dressed up as a penis in the past so I suppose she’s just really enthusiastic about that aspect of human anatomy.