You know when your do something stupid and hurt yourself really painfully and all you want to do is throw your toys out of the pram like a kid and get real angry at people, but don't because you're a mature adult who can control their emotions? Well turns out Kanye West isn't like that. At all.

Yeezy and Kimmy were strolling from a car park to a restaurant being papped away somewhat casually considering the hubbub that usually surrounds them, but they were walking with their heads down to not give the paps any decent shots. Kanye really wasn't paying enough attention and walked headfirst into a massive 'Wrong Way' sign with a terrific clang. His reaction? He then flipped his lid. He's never been one known for his calmness and control though, so can you blame him?

The couple went into the restaurant obviously to see if West was okay, and once he was, he emerged to explode at photographers again and was caught on camera by repeatedly screaming: 'Don't take another f**king photo man. Don't take another f**king man. Don't take no photos. Stop it. All of you motherf**kers stop it.'

Kanye was spotted in Beverly Hills since sporting a small gash and bruise on his forehead from his run-in with the sign.