Kanye West was performing in California last night and went on a bit of a rant. Hey, Kanye gonna Kanye, right?

But this time he takes aim at Beyonce and how she 'hurt' him. This is a very strange watch. After the rant he then apparently ended the show after just 30 minutes. He has gone full Shia LaBeouf.



The Sacramento Bee reviewed the show are were not impressed by his carry on.

"After just two songs and about 30 minutes into his concert on Saturday night, with about half that time spent on an extended, stream-of-conscious styled rant, the hip-hop star abruptly pulled the plug."

The show was due to strat at 9pm, but West didn't make it on stage until 10.30 and played only 2 songs to the 13 thousand people in attendance.

Genuinely seems like the rapper is having some sort of break down. We hope he has the right people around him to get him back on track.