Did Kanye come out kicking and screaming and breaking stuff? Did Kimmel rip the piss out of him and lay on the sarcasm? Actually, no. Neither of those things happened, and that's what made for a pretty fascinating interview that tackled that subject of celebrity and how the media portrays them amongst other things.

It started off pretty awkward, with Kanye coming out and not saying very much while Kimmel reminded everyone of why the two had an admittedly 'high school' blow out and why West subsequently went on a Twitter rant against Kimmel, but once it gets going, it's actually great with Kimmel and West both owning up to their behaviour and revealing how their different brains work.

Yes, on one hand this was a play by both Kimmel and Kanye to show how cool and collected they were, so both of them denying the whole thing was a PR stunt is a bit of BS because the only reason Kimmel did his sketch that angered Kanye in the first place was to get more viewers for his show. And Jimmy does kiss ass. A lot. But Kanye talking about his frustrations with the world and the boxes they want to put him is not something we're used to seeing on late night chat shows.

The best part though? The reason that all of this kicked off is because both of them admitted to not watching either of each others original interview/skit. So the lesson here? Patience.