He really, really wants DJ Sway to know that he 'ain't got the answers'. Like, really, really wants him to know. And the best part? Sway is having none of him.

Another day, another dollar, another shit-fit from Kanye West, this time on Sirius Digital Radio with Sway (who you may recognise from MTV when we used to get all their bonkers American content back in the day) as he goes absolutely nuts over a question about 'empowerment' and shoes.

Yes, shoes. West then compares himself to Shakespeare, Walt Disney, Nike and Google. And then claims he is 'Warhol' and 'the number one most impactful artist of our generation', before going off on one. It's actually somewhat entertaining to watch him freak out and try and contain his movements because he knows he has to stay in front of the mic.

He's basically throwing all of his toys out of the pram. Tenner says he'll call this a 'performance' in a year and try and call himself a genius. Pfft. You're just batshit Kanye. Deal with it.

(The major business starts at 17:20)