"I don't need Uber anymore, I just get the 'pops' take me where I wanna go!" 

Picture the scene... You drop your car off at the garage, and you've rang an Uber to pick you up, but they're not there. Just two paps, one of which is showering you with an array of compliments. What do you do? You hitch a lift with the paps of course! 

Despite favouring the paps over Uber on this occasion, he did take the time to give founder Travis Kalanick.

Re Trump, when the camera wielding 'pop' asks him if he the reports are true, that he is indeed supporting Trump while Kim is supporting Hilary, Kanye says he doesn't want to comment on anything political after the month he's had. He just wants to concentrate on his music and his clothes, One can assume if he is indeed supporting Trump for president, that it's along the same lines as his support for Bill Cosby...