As we all now know, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux officially tied the knot last August, and while the rest of the world pretty much knew nothing about it, Theroux has admitted they probably should have told more of their guests.

Speaking on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Theroux described it as actually "a massive miscalculation", with half of the guests knowing they were attending a wedding, and the other half thinking it was a birthday party, while Ellen joked that you could tell who the latter were as they showed up in jeans and flip flops. Awkward....

It seems they ended up telling the people who were the most busy as they knew they wouldn't come if they thought it was a simple birthday party. However, Theroux told Ellen; "Afterwards we kind of realised it was a terrible plan. You're basically telling half your guests, 'You're unemployed and we can't trust you,' which is of course not the case".

Watch his chat with Ellen below where he also tells her how much he enjoys calling Jennifer Aniston his wife (n'aww), and then plays with a mannequin lookalike of her... okay yeah, that last part sounds weird.