Justin Bieber's fans it seems are just as mental, if not more so, than he is. And how does Bieber reward them? By sticking their phones down his jocks. Classy.

Beiber was performing in New Jersey on Tuesday night, and after asking the crowd to "refrain" from throwing objects onto the stage, one fan decided it would be a great idea to throw her iPhone at him.

'Do you guys want me to keep performing or what?' Bieber asked the crowd. 'Refrain means DON’T throw things on stage.' Bieber then proceeds to put the phone down his pants and rubs it against his bits before tossing it back to the crowd to some randomer who definitely doesn't own the phone.

'I said don’t throw stuff on stage and this is what they, they throw a phone on stage. I mean, I do need a new iPhone.' Bieber tells the screaming masses. Even his humour hurts us.