If you didn't already know that Justin Bieber was desperate for attention, here's a handy reminder of just how desperate for eyeballs and acclaim he is.

Bieber was invited to 'surprise' those in attendance at New York Fashion Week's 'Fashion Rocks' event in Brooklyn last night and after arriving onstage to apparent boos, Justin decided that his poorly written intro for Rita Ora needed some more focus. On him. And his body. So after stating 'I actually don't feel comfortable unless I'm in my Calvins' and the world cringed in unison, he stripped down to said Calvin Klein boxer briefs before lunging and posing and generally being his typical Biebery self.

No one really seemed to enjoy or give Beebs any love for his striptease, except maybe for the man who recorded this video and is clearly (and audibly) a Belieber. All we can hear in our heads is this after that 'commentary'.

Via Vulture