Rather 'Justin Bieber puts James Corden in a hoodie and some messed up jeans, while Corden introduces Justin to sequins. And the little fecker pulls it off. To quote Corden, "he looks sophisticated and more mature."

Then Justin goes on to shield James from waiting paps, exclaiming "how do you do this dude, how do you deal with this?!"... Of course, there's dodgy singing / rapping along to Kanye (we're not going to lie, we were waiting for Kanye to turn up on the backseat, but - SPOILER ALERT - it doesn't happen), and an insight into Justin's favourite shower music (*ahemsAlanisMorissette*). 

 And then they talk Justin's nekked pics and the potential for "shrinkage" given he was just out of the water. In case you've not seen the pictures, ask a male friend of yours, EVERY male I know has seen the pics. Females friends, not so much. Just saying.