This really is a lesson that everyone should have learned from Johnny 'Winona' Depp really.

Back on track with a Grammy Award in the bag, Justin Bieber is continuing his rebranding PR mission as an artiste and his latest effort is a cover shoot with GQ accompanied by an extensive interview as well as some video in which he gives the world an insight into his now myriad tattoos.

He caused quite a stir with his first one back in the day at the age of 17 (it was a little seagull if you're not up to date on your Bieber ink chronology) and has since added to the collection considerably. One of the tattoos that he probably should have put more thought into is the one of ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez which awkwardly addresses in the video, saying: “This is my ex-girlfriend so I tried to cover her face up with some shading but people still know.”

Not awkward at all now is it. We wonder what Zayn's going to do with his massive Perrie tribute?

Via Billboard