Annoying as he may be, there's one thing you can't fault Justin Bieber on: he gets his round in. He'd fit in well in an Irish pub, for sure.

The Biebs was en route to a gig by Chainsmokers in Los Angeles the other day when he decided to stop off at the 901 Bar and Grill, which is located near the University of Southern California campus and as such, attracts a lot of student clientele.

He did what any self-respecting multi-millionaire pop star should do in his position, and bought them a round of shots and then downed one with them.

According to E! News, an eyewitness said: "Everyone got shots in their hand and they were all about to do a toast. One of them got up on a stool and we were like, 'Wow, that's Justin Bieber.'

Watch the clip below: