Kanye West travelled to Armenia over the weekend to give a free public concert, and the fans were pretty happy to see him. 

Performing in the cpaital, Yerevan, Kanye decided that he was going to take the concert to the next level by proving that he could continue to provide entertainment for the masses of fans even when under water.

Unfortunately for Kanye, his microphone, like the majority of those on the market, was not waterproof nor amphibious, so he wasn't able to keep the show going when he jumped in the lake. That didn't stop the fans from running in to mob him, which meant his security team had to wade in after him to try and keep him safe, which we're sure they were thrilled about.

While it's called Swan Lake, we get the feeling that they might be pushing it a little bit with that term, it really is more of a pond or large water feature, if anything. 

Via BBC News