Since retiring from the Daily Show last year, Jon Stewart has only made sporadic TV appearances.

He joined forces with Stephen Colbert for the Republican National Convention and bizarrely, for the second year in a row, he's appeared at WWE's premier summer Pay Per View - SummerSlam. 

Last year, Stewart played a big role by getting involved in the main event. This year however, he only asserted his influence upon the outcome of the Tag Team Title match between The New Day and Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. Stewart distracted the challengers to allow The New Day to continue their title reign. 

Before all that however, Stewart stuck a unicorn horn to his head because, you know, that's The New Day's signature head attire.

Then he joined the group in the post match celebrations by doing the kind of gyrating you don't really expect to see from a 53 year old man. 

Who knows that Stewart will get up to at SummerSlam 2017?