Halle Berry is not one to back down from a challenge. 

The Oscar winning actress was at Comic Con yesterday for the Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel and ended up chugging a pint of whiskey after being egged on by host Jonathan Ross and the audience. 

Berry plays a member of The Statesmen in the movie, the US equivalent of the Kingsman. The group's headquarters is hidden beneath a whiskey distillery and as such each member of the cast was given a glass of whiskey for yesterday's panel. Though it seems Berry's co-star Halle Berry got a little bit cheeky and poured a lot more whiskey out for Berry than the rest of the cast members. 

The panel's host, Jonathan Ross, asked Berry which was more British, James Bond or Kingsman. Having appeared in both franchises, few would be more qualified to give an answer than Berry. However she decided to pass rather than giving an answer and Tatum suggested that she should have to drink instead. 

When she picked up her glass, Ross started a 'chug, chug, chug' chant to which Berry replied 'Oh I can' before duly downing the glass. 

Remember to drink responsibly folks.