If you go down to the playground and there's nobody on the swings then you know something's up. 

Scotty Denton, a father from Rhode Island, USA, brought his kids to the local playground, hoping to get in some quality family play time. However when Rhode family arrived at the playground, they noticed that something was amiss with one of the swings.

Spooky right? Particularly when the other swings prove that it's not the wind that's making it move that way. 

The video has over five million views at the time of writing and most of those that have commented have offered various excuses as to why the swing might move like that. Some claim there is a kink in the chain which points to it being manipulated by a fishing line or something similar.

While others have claimed that the swing always does that. Rhodes got annoyed with this suggestion so he went back to the scene of the crime to debunk it

Eagle eyed viewers will spot the ghost during visit number two....

Via Mashable