If there's one thing you'll take away from this, it's that Judd Apatow really, really likes Amy Schumer (but then he does have a vested interest).

Apatow appeared on SiriusXM's Opie Radio today to talk about his new Netflix show 'Love' when conversation moved to his 'Trainwreck' collaborator Amy Schumer and the recent allegations of joke theft against her. Calling it "the most ridiculous issue", Apatow blamed the media's "boredom" and "the cycle of build-up and attack", saying that "you can only praise people for so long" before attitudes shift "to looking for something".

Apatow claimed that all comedians know and have heard all the same jokes and said there were "definitely moments of overlap" in comedy in general before going on to tell an anecdote about a comedian being angry at him for allegedly stealing a joke.

Schumer has denied the allegations against her vehemently, going so far as to say she'd take a polygraph test to prove it. Meanwhile, more and more compilation videos supporting the allegations appear online.

You can watch what Apatow had to say below.