Jose Mourinho was back in Portugal last night to accept one of the many awards he has won in his time as a manager, and in typical Mourinho style, he wasn't shy about saying how much he deserved the award. 

Mourinho stated that he was most proud of his trophies that he won with Porto, as it was an unprecedented achievement in the modern age, and that they had been a real boost to football in the country. 

Of course, he wasn't finished there, as he offered a friendly challenge to other coaches in Portugal to try and top his achievement, and he would be happy to see it again. Well, all very nice sentiments, but true to form, it was all for one reason: because his teams were made of Portuguese players who could all feed the Portuguese national team and help it to succeed, and if some coach out there can ever match his historic achievement, then he'll hand over the award. Something tells us that he hasn't the slightest intention of giving it away...

Via 101 Great Goals