Jon Stewart had plenty to say about the controversy that has hit the NFL in the wake of the Ray Rice tape being released this week.

The shocking footage of Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancée and now wife Janay Palmer has made headlines around the world after TMZ got their hands on it earlier this week, so it's no surprise that Jon Stewart turned his attention to it last night. It's difficult to find any humour in the situation, given it's seriousness, but Stewart turns on the organisation rather than Rice himself, pointing out how poorly they've acted in first suspending Rice for only two games, before eventually being forced to row back on that judgement as a result of negative publicity.

Rice's former team-mate (now pundit) Ray Lewis didn't escape the firing line, while Stewart pulls no punches when he points out the fact that the NFL's version of events differs from that of a law-enforcement official who said they got the tape that was leaked earlier this week all the way back in April.