John Oliver's hugely successful Last Week Tonight show has been tackling a different controversial topic every week, and probably making a few enemies along the way.

That hasn't deterred the man himself and his team of crack researchers and writers from setting their sights on some of the world's richest people and the biggest companies at the moment, and this week they turned to the fashion industry. 

Oliver highlights, in his usual insightful style, that fashion and clothing is cheaper now than it ever has been, but the real price is not being paid by the end consumer, and there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than most people would like to think about in order to get the products on to shelves and clothing rails around the world for as little as possible.

Of course, Oliver acknowledges that this issue has been covered before, but it seems to keep happening again and again, as people turn their attention to something else and forget about the use of child labour in manufacturing the clothes that we wear.