John Oliver just keeps getting better and better, and this week he tackles Uganda's anti-gay laws in recognition of the Pride celebrations. 

With same-sex marriage becoming legal across a bunch of different states in America, John Oliver was in the mood to celebrate, as he felt there was finally something that the US could be proud of on an international stage. However, with plenty of other countries not following suit, and in fact going in the opposite direction, he also reminded us that there's a long way left on this journey.

One of the countries that has taken that latter option is Uganda, and the laws which have been enacted to make homosexuality illegal and punishable in an extremely harsh way have been getting a lot of international coverage. That hasn't stopped the United Nations allowing Sam Kutesa to be elected as president of the UN General Assembly, despite his own stance and his country's stance on homosexuality. Oliver offers a full context, with his usual touch of humour, but the point he delivers at the end is no less serious or affecting for that.

Again, like all his videos they're longer than your average YouTube two-minute offering, but trust us, it's worth every second of your time to get the full context, as well as hearing the interview with activist Pepe Julian Onziema, who has a pretty incredible story. 

Oliver also did a web-only extended interview with Onziema which you can check out over here. Again, this is also well worth your time.