Even though he's not presently on the air thanks to everyone in TV land dropping tools and taking what feels like a month off for Christmas, the wonder that is John Oliver and Last Week Tonight is still banging out videos on YouTube to keep us entertained while we pick through the end of the Roses and mourn our once un-bloated selves.

This episode's target is the holiday that we all love to loathe, mostly because it's an annual exercise in high expectations and low returns. And disappointment. And pressure. Really, why do we even bother?

We may not have to suffer through Ryan Seacrest, but as we all know, RTÉ's version of the countdown isn't exactly much better. Thankfully, Oliver is here with some excuses to get out of any New Year's Eve event so you can ignore the changing of the date, like we do every single other day of the year.

Via YouTube