The events taking place in Ferguson over the last week or so have been hugely disturbing, and if you're unsure of exactly what's happening, then John Oliver is always a good place to start.

It's a tough subject to tackle with any degree of humour, but John Oliver this week decided to take on the situation in Missouri, as the people of Ferguson have been reacting violently to the shooting dead of an apparently unarmed teenager, Michael Brown. According to reports, the autopsy suggests that he was shot as many as six times, and racial tensions have forced their way to the surface as the residents and police have come into conflict over this event and all the other problems that have been building up to this point.

Journalists too have seen themselves in the line of fire as they attempt to report on events in the city, and they have been attacked with tear gas and had their broadcasting equipment dismantled, which is not going to make the armed forces any new fans.

In what is a hugely complex issue, John Oliver breaks it down with a touch of comedy, as usual, but also some incredible facts, figures and research to show that there is much more going on here than that one simple incident, and perhaps that Ferguson, Missouri and the United States need to sit up and take notice of what is happening right now. If you've got the time to spare today at all, then this is definitely worth your time.