The star of Month Python made a career of his comic ability away from the sketch group too and will always be known as the hilarious, uptight Brit in Fawlty Towers and A Fish Called Wanda.

The actor has proven he is not out of the game yet and has started up a Youtube channel which describes itself as the ‘official, bombastic, hilarious, stonkingly good home of John Cleese’. It promises the ‘silliest content on Youtube, including unseen sketches, rants, videos from dusty archives, and more.’

The channel has only been around for a few weeks and is just starting to gain momentum.

Here’s his hilarious self-advertisement for it:

His latest sketch as Anne Elk, the most detail-obsessed theorist you’ll ever meet, is definitely very Monty Python-esque:

But this one in which he calls for a new church has to be the best so far: