John Cena's one of those wrestlers that's truly beloved by both young and old wrestling fans.

As well as squatting an insane amount of weight and being one of the longest-running world champions in the WWE, John Cena also does a huge amount of work for charity - all of which has inspired huge loyalty amongst his fans.

Another interesting aspect of Cena's career is his Titantron - that's the music video that plays when wrestlers walk out to the ring. Cena's Titantron has become something of a meme, which usually involves someone mentioning their own name before it smash-cuts to Cena.

With that in mind, John Cena decided to prank a few of his biggest fans by diving out of a poster just as they say his name.

Pretty standard. Take a look.

Gotta love that kid at the end with the action figures. We had a Sgt. Slaughter action figure back in the day.


Via YouTube