We don't know whether to be impressed or appalled. This definitely wouldn't have made it past the censors on MTV back in our day. You know, when MTV actually played videos? We think it was the Jurassic period, we'll check and get back to you.

J.Lo's song celebrating her derriere originally featured Pitbull but when the opportunity comes along for another pop star who also lauds their assets (sorry) to feature, well it's too good to miss apparently. Hence Iggy Azalea gets to feature, and we get to see the two do their best t.A.T.u.

Just a warning, if you watch this, you'll be humming/singing the words 'Big big booty, what you got a big booty' all day. And if you can make it to and past the oil-writhing part, well you're stronger than us. And if that sentence didn't make you realise it, here's your big fat NSFW warning. It's all a bit much at this hour of the day, no?

We reckon someone just took their 'Queen of Ass' pop crown back. Your move Nicki Minaj.

Via YouTube