Today's lesson? Never plan a celeb encounter with Jimmy Fallon, because he'll bail on you and leave you high and dry and looking like an idiot.

That's the tale that Jennifer Lawrence told on The Tonight Show last night, as she recounted how after a few too many Jell-o shots with Jimmy, the two formed a plan to get Jennifer Lopez to dance with them. But instead of just asking, they decided to bring the boogie to J.Lo and leave her with no other option but to join in. Except Fallon ditched the plan halfway through, leaving Lawrence with no option but to follow through only to end up the schmuck who was turned down by Lopez.

Hey, at least you weren't dumped by J.Lo and featured in Gigli, J.Law. Consider yourself one up on Affleck, and he has two Oscars.

Lawrence then went on to play an epic game of 'Box of Lies' with Jimmy, which is even more entertaining to watch than you think it'll be.

Via YouTube