After getting into it with Trump Jr. on Twitter over the weekend, Kimmel wasn't having any of junior or senior's crap at the start of his show last night.

Jimmy Kimmel addressed his Twitter spat with the President and Donald Trump Jr. in his opening monologue last night, bringing the audience up to speed on what his weekend entailed and how it all went sideways once he tweeted at Donald Senior.

After replying to Sr. about his "Equal Time" request, Jr. jumped in on Kimmel asking about Harvey Weinstein in an attempt to suggest that Kimmel, and the "biased, left-wing media propaganda machine" wouldn’t say anything about him because he’s a Democrat.

But Kimmel wasn't afraid to bite back and did, ending the conversation with Trump Jr. with the his father's infamous Access Hollywood tape, which it just so happened to be the one year anniversary of.

Which all lead to one obvious comparison between Weinstein and Trump which Jr. probably wasn't counting on.