It's fair to say that there's been very few segments on a late-night talk show that have caused as much controversy as Donald Trump's appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

For those that don't know, the Republican candidate for the US Presidential Election appeared on Fallon's show and was, by all accounts, given an easy enough time of it by Fallon. Understandably, many people were upset that Fallon didn't at least try and take Trump to task for his comments or, failing that, give him something in the way of a raking.

In any case, it'll go down as one of the most bizarre moments in late-night talk show history. So, how do you make it even more frightening? By having it edited to make it look like an absurdist horror film. Really.

Vic Berger is known for creating small Vines of the US Election and edits them in such a way that makes them, well, weirder. Much, much weirder. For example, he turned Rudy Guiliani's RNC speech into something from Tim And Eric and made Ted Cruz look even creepier, thanks to some judicious editing.

This edit, however, takes the biscuit. Be prepared - it's weird. Really, really weird.