We're not really sure what Jimmy Fallon was expecting to happen when he asked Leslie Jones to participate in a game of "Truth or Lie" with Dr. Phil but he surely must have known it was going to end up being a little risque?

In any event the host was completely floored by Jones' perfect 'nuts' joke that she threw into the middle of her story about being chased through a drive thru by a car while she was on a

“Did you already have your food?” enquired Dr. Phil.

“No, I ordered the food,” clarified Jones.

“What’d you order?” Dr. Phil asked.

“A sundae with no nuts … because he wanted to hit me with his,” Jones stated without missing a beat. Fallon proceeded to crumple up his paper and feign leaving the stage. 

Honestly we don't know Dr. Phil managed to keep it together. We guess he's heard it all before?

Via Uproxx